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Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Maps and apps


A mobile application that you can download for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store. You can search and find an accessible parking space or add a parking space to be share with the community.

If you wish to find an accessible parking space on your PC or laptop click here at BlueBays


MapIQ allows you to find community based service outlets anywhere in South Australia from a postcode level down to your street.  You can search for government agencies, private sector outlets, and non-government organisations. 

MapIQ allows you to easily use the Geographical Information System (GIS) as a practical and relevant tool to find community based services relevant to you. Read more ....  (PDF 210.4 KB)

Carers Finder

Carers Finder connects you with your local carers support service which provide support services to Carers in South Australia. 

Problem Gambling Service Finder

Problem Gambling Service Finder connects you with local support services in South Australia.

DCSI Bushfire Preparedness 

The DCSI Bushfire Preparedness application supports the DCSI Bushfire Preparedness Plan and may be used by the SA Community and our NGO partners to assist with their plans.

Research Projects

People with vulnerabilities in disasters

Mapping Vulnerabilities in Disasters application allows you to analyse and identify a range of data relating to the "People with vulnerabilities in disasters" project (2013). The map brings together a range of information, programs and services available to people with vulnerabilities.

Community Strength Survey

The Indicators of Community Strength study (2013) is the second comprehensive survey of community strengths across South Australia. The information was gathered from interviews with over 10,000 South Australians participating in 2013 and over 8,000 in 2007. The results provide information as how South Australians participate in and perceive their local communities, as well as how they relate to others in their local area.

The Community Strength Survey website maps the results of both surveys and the change between them.

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