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Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Introduction to Digital DCSI: video transcript

In 2014, the South Australian government released the digital by default declaration.

In response, we have delivered a digital strategy.

This will help us deliver our strategic plan outcomes using digital approaches.

We want to better meet community expectations and improve our performance.

Digital DCSI:

  • Digital By Default
  • User Centered Design
  • Community Engagement and Participation
  • Open Data
  • Use of Data
  • Anytime Anywhere Any Device
  • Investment Approach
  • Improving Lives
  • Accessible and Inclusive.

We have put together four programs to support digital DCSI. Improvement and Innovations:

  1. Enabling Technology
  2. Capability and Readiness
  3. People, Culture, and
  4. Change Management.

Digital DCSI: modern, open, transparent and consultative,innovative.

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