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Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Corporate Policies

Not all policies are available online but more will be made available over time.

If you would like to access a policy not currently available online, please contact us.

Please note that documents provided on the website can also be provided in other formats. Please contact us to request alternate document formats.

Assets and Facilities

  • Minor Works Program Policy
  • Non Public Sector Passengers in Fleet Vehicles Policy
  • Print Device Policy

Office of the Chief Executive

Business Technology

  • Application System Development Policy
  • Data Management Policy
  • Email and Internet Policy
  • Information Classification and Handling Policy
  • Information Technology Security Policy
  • Mobile and Fixed Phone Policy
  • Mobile Devices and Removable Media Policy
  • Mobile Outlook Policy
  • Protective Security Policy
  • Remote Access Policy
  • Remote Session Control Policy
  • Security Incident Management Policy
  • Software and Hardware Management Policy
  • Software Licensing Policy
  • Software Virus Protection Policy
  • Unattended Workstations Policy
  • User Access Policy
  • Wireless Access Policy  

Financial Services

  • Accounts Payable Processing Policy
  • Accounts Receivable - Invoice and Debt Management Policy
  • Accruals Policy
  • Administered Items Policy
  • Asset Policy
  • Bank Account and Merchant Facility Policy
  • Capitalisation Policy (Information Technology and Building Construction Only)
  • Chart of Accounts Policy
  • Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave Policy
  • Ex Gratia Payments Policy
  • Financial Authorisations Policy
  • Financial Management Compliance Policy
  • Frequent Flyer and Benefit Scheme Policy
  • Job Cost Projects Policy
  • Journals Policy
  • Petty Cash Policy
  • Purchase Card Policy
  • Purchase of Alcoholic Beverages Policy
  • Reporting Consultants Policy
  • System Access Policy
  • Taxi and Cabcharge Policy
  • Unexpended Grant Money Policy

People and Culture

  • Assignment Policy
  • Domestic Violence Workplace Policy
  • Employment Arrangements Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • LSL Payout Policy
  • Managing Personal Files Policy
  • Outside Employment Advisory Boards and Committees Policy
  • Performance Partnership Policy
  • Respectful Treatment And Ethics At Work Policy
  • Whistleblower Policy  

Online Digital Services

  • Online Information and Services Policy 

Learning and Development

  • Corporate Induction Policy 


  • Freedom of Information (FOI) Policy
  • Intellectual Property Policy
  • Legal Services Policy 

Communications and Engagement

  • Communications Policy
  • DCSI Event Management Policy
  • Social Media Policy 

Procurement and Grants

  • Contract Register and Disclosure Policy
  • Disposal Policy
  • eProjects Panel Usage Policy
  • Grants Management Policy
  • Grants Performance Management Policy
  • Late Tenders Policy
  • Purchasing Approvals and Processes Policy
  • Supplier Communications and Complaint Management Policy
  • Sustainable Procurement Policy
  • Unsolicited Proposals Policy
  • Writing Specifications Policy 

Records Management

  • Creation, Capture and Control of Records Policy
  • Disposal, Storage and Retrieval of Records Policy
  • Records Disaster Policy
  • Records Security Policy 

Risk Management

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Fraud and Corruption Control Policy
  • Gifts, Benefits and Offers Policy
  • Risk Management Policy 

Strategy and Governance

  • Intervention Order Policy 

Workforce Health and Safety

  • Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Consultative Arrangements Policy
  • Smoke Free Workplace Policy
  • Work Health and Safety and Injury Management Policy

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