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Aboriginal employment pool

Status: Closed

The Pool provides opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates to be considered for a range of roles within DCSI as they arise and before they are advertised. It is an Equal Employment Opportunity program to support Aboriginal employment in the Department that has been operating since 2011.

What is an Employment Pool?

The Pool is a group of people who have been through a recruitment process and have been recommended for a particular job level (or classification). When a vacancy arises each of the Pool applicants are considered for the vacancy. When there is a match between a Pool applicant and a job their details are sent to the relevant manager for assessment against the specific job requirements. The manager will then make a decision about whether they would like to interview a pool applicant or not.

For more information about the Pool please read the Process for Applicants and the Frequently Asked Questions.

Applying for jobs in the Pool does not guarantee employment in DCSI.

Pool Eligibility Criteria

The Aboriginal Employment Pool is open to Aboriginal people seeking employment in DCSI and to existing Aboriginal DCSI and SA Government employees who may be seeking a career change.

We are currently accepting Aboriginal Employment Pool applications for the following roles

Applying for a role

All applications are to be submitted online through DCSI's recruitment system. As part of the online application, you will be required to:

Behavioural questions ask an applicant about their previous experiences in a real situation i.e. describe a situation where you were required to use your negotiation and problem solving skills to resolve a conflict. These types of questions allow the applicant to detail their skills, knowledge and experience, and verify their abilities and attributes. When answering the behavioural questions use examples taken from experience in from work, study, and/or involvement with community groups. It is recommended that applicants draft responses in word and copy and paste into the online system.

To answer the behavioural questions, use the S-T-A-R model:

The S-T-A-R model is a structured approach for answering behavioural questions. If all four steps are followed, the response will be straightforward and will provide the evidence to support the application.

Situation - What was the situation? Provide a brief outline of the specific, recent situation or setting.

Task - What did you have to achieve?

Action - What did you do? Consider the steps you took to resolve the situation/problem or complete the task. Detail your behaviour or actions.

Result - What was the outcome of your actions? Share the outcome or the results of the situation and what you learnt from the experience. Share the feedback you received from everyone involved in the situation.

The behavioural questions can be accessed through the online application. For further assistance, please refer to the DCSI Job Application Guide.

To apply

  • Go to the Vacancy Search.
  • Type Aboriginal Employment Pool in the Job Title box and select Search.
  • Click on the name of the role that you want to apply for.
  • You will then see more information about the role. Click Apply for Job to begin your online application.

For further information about the Aboriginal Employment Pool, please email DCSI Aboriginal Employment Pool

Applying for roles in the pool does not guarantee employment in DCSI.

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