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ASES structure and support

ASES encourages a detailed review of operations through a strategic exercise that builds a solid foundation and systems to support future development and growth.  It also provides an opportunity for organisations to be recognised for their achievements in excellence and good practice.


The Structure of ASES is organised around three categories:

Certificate Level

Management – Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Governance, Policies and Procedures and Financial and Contract Management.
People, Partnerships and Communication – Human Resource, Work Health and Safety, Partnerships, Teamwork, and Communication.
Service Provision – Service Outcomes, Consumer and Community Outcomes and Consumer Complaints and Feedback.

Award Level

Leadership – Leadership, and Supportive Leadership.
Improvement – Continuous Improvement, Critical Review, and Organisational Learning.
Results – Business and Consumer Outcomes, and Community Contribution.
Each category is divided into topics with specific standards.  Each standard is described through a set of requirements and linked to examples.

These provide a guide or set of prompts as to what evidence may be relevant for the requirement of the standard.  They are intended to give the organisation some guidance about how to achieve the standard.


ASES is designed to help organisations develop and make changes over time, encouraging continuous improvement and a mechanism for an external assessment of performance levels at a given point in time.  Support for this process is available using mentors, individual support through the Service Excellence Team and National Licensee and a variety of resources on our website. 

Beyond ASES

Organisations that complete the ASES self assessment can choose to proceed to an independent external assessment.  If your organisation is recognised for achieving a level in ASES, a review is required every three years to maintain ongoing accreditation in ASES.

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