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Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

Code of ethics

In delivering services, we follow ethical and professional practice, with:

  • Respect to a service user’s right to be or not to be involved and the confidentiality and privacy of a service user’s participation decisions.
  • Available complaint mechanisms are promoted to service providers and participating service users.
  • We consider service users’ needs such that:
    • people with disabilities and their support persons receive timely, plain-English information about the External Assessment process; that is, with enough detail and notice to allow for a full and informed contribution
    • participation in roles in which their input and feedback is
      valued and used in a positive and constructive manner they must have some authority, and
    • proven External Assessment methods rely on genuine participation by the service users.
  • During the External Assessment:
    • all service users have the right and opportunity to be involved
      and consulted
    • service users have the right not to be involved
    • service users’ confidentiality and privacy are to be respected, and
    • service users have the right to advocacy and support to assist with having their say.
  • External Assessment selection procedures that appropriately address the different requirements of each organisation.


The Service Excellence Team has policies, procedures and practices that safeguard the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of External Assessment.

The Service Excellence Team are not permitted to release information gained through the assessment processes unless written permission has been granted by the organisation to the Manager, Service Excellence Team, or as required by law.


The information gathered from your documentation received and the review of your policies and procedures will be used to prepare for the on-site assessment and is treated in accordance with the principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth).

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