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Continuous improvement cycle

Continuous improvement is an essential component of the Australian Service Excellence Standards, which aims to improve organisational performance over time.

The continuous improvement cycle that ASES is based on has four interrelated phases, often referred to as the Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle:

  1. PLAN: Establish the goals and actions necessary to implement the organisational plan and its related performance improvement.
  2. DO: Implement your planned processes and allocate the appropriate resources.
  3. CHECK: Monitor, measure and report on the effectiveness of your results and processes.
  4. ACT: Incorporate the ideas for improvement into your next plan and maximise areas where there have been successes.

A diagram visualising the continuous improvement cycle

The continuous improvement cycle visualised

In the Certificate Level there is an expectation that organisations will have started to formalise the way they plan, implement and monitor continuous improvement activities. At the Award Level continuous improvement is well demonstrated and sustainable within your organisation.

What we are aiming to do in applying principles of continuous improvement is to improve efficiency in critical areas, maximizing the use of scarce resources and improve effectiveness, by identifying individual needs and developing appropriate responses to achieve improved outcomes.

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