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Recognition with other standards

Our External Assessor organisations have the capacity to undertake joint reviews against a number of standards to streamline the assessment process and assist you in the administration preparation required for external assessment. 

The original framework of the Australian Service Excellence Standards was initially mapped against:

  • South Australian Treasury Financial Management Framework
  • Quality Improvement Council
  • ACHS Equip Standards
  • Commonwealth Home and Community Care Standards
  • ISO 9001:2000 Standards
  • Disability Services Standards (1-8)
  • Aged Care Accreditation Standards and
  • Mental Health Reform Standards.

The Australian Service Excellence Team continues to undertake mapping on new and emerging Commonwealth and State Standards e.g. Community Common Care Standards, Homelessness National Quality Framework, Disability Employment Standards. This mapping is available on request and will assist you in the gathering of examples of evidence and the identification of gaps that may exist between standards.

The Australian Service Excellence Standards has mutual recognition from many Commonwealth and State Standards. Your organisation maybe able to arrange a joint external assessment and streamline this process and reduce the administrative burden associated with multiple standards by:

  1. Gathering evidence that is similar across a wide range of standards
  2. Use the mapping documentation prepared by ASES Office that assists in identifying gaps in evidence
  3. Using only one external assessor.

Mutual recognition exists with the following Commonwealth and Standards:

  • The Volunteering SA/NT have endorsed that organisations that have achieved accreditation in the Australian Service Excellence Standards meet the Volunteering standards.
  • Organisations undertaking a joint assessment between Australian Service Excellence Standards and the National Disability Employment Standards will receive a Disability Employment report and a gap ASES report by a suitably recognised external assessor.
  • National Disability Standards are currently incorporated into the Australian Service Excellence Standards and undertaking ASES gives accreditation in both NDS and ASES.
  • Homelessness National Quality Framework requirements endorses the Australian Service Excellence standards as one of the preferred quality improvement programs.

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