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ASES Development Process

Previously, a review of the Standards occurred every five years. The ASES team now continuously examines any changes to legislation, industry or departmental requirements. This ongoing approach ensures that the ASES program and standards are always relevant to the Community Services sector and up-to-date in a constantly changing environment.

The review process involves consultation with key stakeholders, focus groups and ASES external assessors to develop the key indicators and evidence required to meet new requirements.

Testing of new standards and requirements occurs via small focus groups and/or contact with participating organisations. The updated standards and outcome statements are now available for comment.

ASES incorporates feedback in the next iteration of the standards. The team distributes information to organisations transitioning to the new standards, outlining changes and the key additional elements to consider when gathering evidence for their assessment.

The transition and all other documentation is updated and the Community Services sector is notified en mass. Organisations that attend any of the ASES information sessions are also advised of new inclusions and the updated requirements for evidence.

If you would like to provide feedback or participate in any way, contact us via email.

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