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Tips for success

Experience from other organisations participating in Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) have found the following factors to be useful:

  • Create a supportive environment:
    Be clear in your purpose and plan how it will occur.  It is important that the process benefits your organisation and enables it to better serve clients, partners or communities
  • Gather a team together:
    Engagement in learning groups from broad areas across the organisation ( including volunteers, board members, consumers, and clients) is highly valuable
  • Use the self assessment tool:
    Record what you find in the self assessment workbook, using the examples of evidence and our website as a guide
  • Action plan:
    This will help you clarify your priorities
  • Go the extra mile:
    Record examples of where staff members have gone beyond expectations to meet user needs and improve the quality of delivery
  • Compare yourselves with others:
    Contacting similar organisations to see how they approach different systems and measures can be useful
  • Continuous improvement:
    ASES is not a one-off; it is an ongoing commitment to service improvement.  Remember that once achievement of a level in ASES is reached, a full external assessment is required every three years
  • Celebrate success:
    Share success with your staff and customers through newsletters, posters, meetings and the media.

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