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Thriving Communities

All South Australians have a right to the opportunities and resources they need to thrive.

There are initiatives around the world that are demonstrating positive and sustained impact in communities experiencing longstanding social and economic challenges. These initiatives rely on coordinating effort and resources within communities for the benefit of all.

Thriving Communities is a State Government-supported initiative that brings people together to address social and economic issues in their local area. We use a place-based approach towards promoting change.

What does a thriving community look like?

In a thriving community:

  • people have opportunities - like stable work with decent pay, access to good and affordable housing, to quality schools, services, facilities and public spaces.
  • people are healthy - physically and mentally, have good relationships, have the time and energy to look after themselves and others.
  • people are resilient - in the face of social and economic challenges, feel confident to invest, embrace change, and actively participate in decisions that affect them.
  • people are connected - to other people and their environment, have no problems getting around, feel valued and safe in the community, and have a sense of belonging.

Thriving Communities regions

Thriving Communities helps where the needs arise, operating in a number of locations around South Australia.

Currently, Thriving Communities consists of initiatives in these regions:

Thriving Communities relies on strong partnerships between government, sector and community members in each region.

Thriving Communities Digital Atlas

The atlas helps us understand the impact of social, environmental and economic factors on individual and community wellbeing across demographic populations.

This simple, dynamic set of maps provides a wealth of data to compare regions, councils and neighbourhoods.

Access the Digital Atlas

For more information, read Thriving Communities: a Way of Working Together or contact us:

Patrick Maher - Deputy Director, Engagement and Grants

(08) 8207 0508

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