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Thriving Communities

Thriving Communities – building communities of opportunity

The South Australian Government has a vision for a thriving South Australia, where all South Australians can actively contribute to building the social and economic wellbeing of their communities. 

We want all South Australians to live in communities where people feel connected and hopeful for the future, and we want all communities to be strong leaders in building that future.

Thriving Communities: A way of working together

Thriving Communities in four regions 

We recognise the rights of all South Australians to participate in the economic and social life of our state, but also that we cannot assume opportunities are equally available to all. There are a range of social, environmental and economic factors that limit opportunities for some, impacting on the wellbeing of individuals and communities, sometimes over generations.

Thriving Communities is a call for integrated effort to build opportunities for communities, with communities. Thriving Communities is about place, recognising that where people live affects their opportunities and their wellbeing. The South Australian Government's vision is that no community is left behind.

Thriving Communities begins the journey in four regions across South Australia – northern Adelaide, southern Adelaide, the APY Lands and Peterborough.

Making a Collective Impact 

Thriving Communities uses a collective impact approach, which brings community, government, not-for-profit organisations, business and philanthropy together in a locality, developing a network of communication, collaboration and commitment that makes large-scale, lasting change achievable.

We know a community is thriving when we see:
  • a vibrant local culture, with strong local leadership that encourages community pride and cohesion
  • people are safe, healthy and resilient
  • people are able to participate in the social and economic opportunities that support their wellbeing.

Collective impact uses a range of solutions, including programs, services and policy and system change, to work towards outcomes that reflect the community's priorities and needs. Progress towards these outcomes is measured and solutions adapted to maintain improvement and reflect new learning and partnerships.

Community is central to collective impact, which aims to integrate effort and make the most of local strengths, skills, knowledge and resources.

Who has a role to play?

Thriving Communities relies on strong partnerships between government, sector and community – community leaders, families, community organisations, schools, local groups and clubs, business, philanthropy and local government – within each of the four regions.

Government may play a more active role in facilitating collective impact in some regions, while in other regions non-government organisations will take this role.

Thriving Communities has the potential for tremendous impact if we recognise that the work of achieving population-level results requires long-term commitment and collaboration.

Thriving Communities Digital Atlas

The Thriving Communities Atlas provides the context for understanding in terms of its social, cultural, historical and institutional characteristics. The atlas is a simple and dynamic set of maps with a wealth of data to compare regions, councils and neighbourhoods. Start now…

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