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Office of the Senior Practitioner

The Office of the Senior Practitioner (OSP) consists of the Senior Practitioner, Professor Richard Bruggemann and Chief Project Officer, Sam Patterson.

We focus on reducing the use of restrictive practices, sometimes called 'restraints'. Our priority is to uphold the rights of South Australians with disability to live free of unauthorised restrictive practices. We seek to support service providers to provide disability services in the least restrictive way.

The OSP team works to:

  • increase awareness about restrictive practices, authorisation and consent
  • promote positive behaviour support practices

in the South Australian disability services sector.

Restrictive practices

Restrictive practices involve any practice, device or action that removes or restricts another person's freedom, movement or ability to make a decision, including by:

  • detention
  • seclusion
  • exclusion
  • aversive restraint
  • psycho-social restraint
  • chemical restraint
  • physical restraint
  • mechanical restraint.

Restrictive practices do not include the use of devices for therapy or safety, where being used for their intended purposes, unless the individual objects to their use.

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