This report was generated on 17 Oct 2017 6:16pm

The links listed are those that returned some form of error when last checked.

The link may not necessarily be broken in all cases. Some may be reported due to other things when tested such as mal-formed addresses, server timeouts or a null response. Refer to the "comments" field for indication. Check the link under "URL" column to test. 

Comments that report as any of the following are definite broken links:

  • "The URL was not found
  • "The host specified in this URL cannot be contacted, or is not responding on the specified port"

Internal Links
  No internal links were found
External Links
Found In URL Comments
Standard Page Show in Asset MapReceive complaints without retribution - principle 7 (Id: #31918) Couldn't resolve host ''
Standard Page Show in Asset MapAccommodation Services (Id: #13957) The URL was not found
Standard Page Show in Asset MapIndependent Living Centre (Id: #13986) connect() timed out!
Standard Page Show in Asset MapEnable people to maintain the maximum possible level of independence - principle 4 (Id: #27527) The URL was not found
Email Links
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